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Photo-film «Diana’s first year»

Few days untill 17 of March and all preparationas are in process. This is a film about first Diana's year:

New Year 25 years after

25 years ago I kept my first New Year. And now Diana celebrates her first New Year…. in my dress:


Was broken :)

Diana waked up, sat down…. thought about something and dropped off to sleep again:

spi1Unknown Object


This is not a striped knot

This is Diana's slipping:


Unknown Objectspit2

SAP Consultants’ child…

Few days ago Diana said her first word — this was sound like "ABAP". I and my hasband laugh at it loudly because that happened after our  teambuilding with SAP Project team. Withing our colleages we met  SAP Consultants and ABAP developers (we call them "abapers").

oo-oof! New generation grows to replace us…..:)

Lately Diana said  "[abba]", "[abaaa]", "[abab]", but that was no so zany. Grandmother was happy because "[abba]" in Russian is "[baba]" (Grandmother) back to front.  :)

PS: for people who are dissimilar with out work this is not a grear event.

Foto-evolution of my stomach size (17-40 weeks of pregnancy)

During my pregnancy I was interested in such important questions as — if my stomach is growing up, does it have appropriate size for my duration of gestation. At the first  20 weeks I had inferiority complex "too little stomach", the last 20 weeks i had an opposite problem "why my stomach is so huge?" I made a lot of attempts with the goal to find fotos of stomachs at the different duration of gestations, but with no results. That is why I decided to made my own foto-evolution (beginning from 17 week and untill 40 week. далее…

Diana’s song «AAAA» (video)

At the age of 3 month and 3 weeks Diana began signing (if this is an appropriate name for that :) ) She substituted this signing for her talks and goo-goo. So signing took 80% of her  active time. Though the loudly she did it the  more she liked this process of such sound producing. At the beginning this was funny but  in the week it makes me bother.